Apr 13

My friend’s husband just had eye surgery for his cataracts last week and she couldn’t believe how costly it was. I couldn’t believe it either. Each eye would cost an out-of-pocket deductible of about $700.00. If they didn’t have insurance, it would have cost them more. She’s very thankful they’ve got insurance. It’s not the health insurance at nchealthagency.com but it is still a big help to them.

They are also going to spend around $1,500 for his lens and that big amount is going to come out of their pocket. And they don’t have such big amount of money. Good thing they were approved for credit. I feel sorry for them but it has to be done.

Only one eye had undergone the surgery last week. The second eye will undergo the surgery in two weeks. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Apr 9

I think.

My problem? Itchy eyes. And it only happens every springtime. I also had this last year and although I haven’t had gone to the doctor to have it checked since it’s not really that bad, I figured it has something to do with the season. Not only because I googled it, but also because after spring, it disappeared.

And now that spring is here, I am beginning to have itchy eyes again. It must really have something to do with the pollen or something. But just like last year, I didn’t use any eye medicine. My friend when it comes to this dilemma is the always trusted, Visine. It does get the itch although it still comes back. But at least it gives me that relief.

While talking about this now, I feel itch at the side of my eye again. Oh well, gotta go and put some Visine on it.

Mar 12

It’s been days that I haven’t seen my favorite shows. I used to watch them everyday. From 11 o’clock up to the time that I pick up my son at the bus stop at 3:30 in the afternoon, the TV is on. It has been really quiet here for days. I didn’t even listen to music or anything. If we would have that fender frontman amps from guitar center, then I think it would have been left sitting there until maybe when the husband used it.

You know why? I’ve found something else that has me hooked. And I am referring to the websites that show organizing ideas in any part of the home. After coming across the websites, I immediately had these ah ha moments. I’ll bet you know the feeling. And from that day on, I’ve been reading and getting a lot of awesome organizing and makeover ideas for free. More so that spring is right around the corner, the more that I keep on reading and getting more ideas.

The husband is already aware of my projects come spring and all he could say was, “Uh oh!” LOL. He’s going to support me for sure because if he doesn’t, he knows what’s going to happen. He’ll be dead meat. LOL.

Mar 7

I’ve now been driving for a year and four months to be exact but I still get nervous when I am on the highway. I am a scaredy cat alright, but can you blame me? Although I haven’t came across a reckless driver yet but there is one out there somewhere, without a doubt. But I don’t get nervous because I am thinking I will encounter one someday. I think I am afraid I might steer the wheel to the wrong lane. LOL.

I drove to Hubby’s mechanic’s shop yesterday to pick him up. He needed to have his car checked and I was really nervous the whole time like it was my first time driving. Maybe because I haven’t driven on the highway in a while. I drive everyday but only to the bus stop to take my son in the morning. And it is a private road not to mention, it is very early in the morning (still dark actually) so I don’t see any other vehicle but us.

Hubby told me I need to drive more so I’ll get used to it and overcome the nervousness. Well, I will probably. When? I don’t know. (“,)

Feb 27

Soccer practice for the little one for spring season which will start in three weeks started on Monday, and it’s going to be twice a week. Today was the second one and although it was cold outside at 40 degrees Celsius, it didn’t stop them from practicing and having fun at the same time.

Hubby and I just stayed inside the car. We both couldn’t stand the cold. The car was facing the field and they were only about fifty feet away from us so we could see them. The stereo was also on so we were listening to music while watching them play. Kind of like multi-tasking, huh? Well, not really. If one of us would have been playing a midi dj controllers during that time, then that would have been multi-tasking, no doubt. The problem is, we both don’t know how to play it. LOL.

‘Twas a great day though – one of our fun and joyful family bonding moments.

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