Jul 18

It has been raining since the moment that I got up this morning. I think I woke up hearing the raindrops starting to hit the roof at around 3 o’clock but managed to go back to sleep. It has been raining the whole day and I do wonder when it’s going to stop. I surely didn’t expect this. I thought the rain was supposed to come tomorrow. Can you say unpredictable weather?

Anyway, I was looking at the steady rain watering my plants through the bedroom window when I saw a SUV drive up and stopped in our driveway. I didn’t recognize the car so I waited to see who’s going to show up. I then saw a boy come out and when I saw what he was holding (a plastic bag), I already knew what it was – our copy of the phonebook and yellowpages for the year. They always deliver it to our doorstep but it always is a different person who delivers it every year.

I wonder how much they spent in printing all these books. And I do wonder too if they avail of the printing services nyc for all of those books. Giving every household two copies (one big and one small) and with the millions of household in the city, they spent a big amount for it, without a doubt. Well, I think I just have to stop wondering. For sure, they knew what they were doing. The most important thing is, we got a copy and we got it for free!

Jul 18

She turns 44. She’s old! LOL. Peace, sistah! ;)

And as usual, we were not there to grace her birthday celebration because of the thousand of miles between us. If only we could fly. It’s not Halloween yet too so, our broomsticks don’t have their power yet. Har.

It’s already late night back home so they were done with the celebration and my aunt already posted photos of the party on Facebook. She is so quick when it comes to that. The whole family was there, but more than anything, it was the food that I was excited about. LOL. I super missed the food back home, so you really can’t blame me. As if my cravings would actually be satisfied just by looking at those photos, huh? But you know what? I find happiness in looking at those food photos. Really! Weird? Maybe?

I bet my older sister (my only sister) had a great time on her birthday. Here’s wishing you more birthdays to come! xo

Jul 9

Summer is here and the city has a lot of activities for everybody. They always have a concert series for the entire summer which happens every Saturday night. It is called “Shindig on the Green.” I’ve seen the concert many times these past years, and it is one thing that I look forward to seeing every summer.

The show showcases not only music, but dances as well, music of the Bluegrass and country style, what my hubby calls mountain music seeing that we live in the mountains of western North Carolina. Kids and adults from different towns showcase their talents in dancing, singing and playing music which is really nice.

Have you seen those musical instruments at Those are just some of the musical instruments that they use. Actually, it is in these concerts that I’ve seen different kinds of musical instruments, big and small, being played right before my very eyes. Some of them I haven’t even seen on TV before. And that’s what makes the concerts so interesting and entertaining for me.

The concert series started the new season a couple of weeks ago. We will be checking it out this Saturday if the weather permits.

Jun 20

I am referring to my youngest nephew, Nikko who celebrated his birthday yesterday. And shame on me, I totally forgot about it. Not until I saw the pictures that my Aunt posted on Facebook last night. Darn! I am getting old. LOL.

He is really getting cuter by the day. The time we left my home country, he was only 4 years old. He is a chubby little boy and he looks so huggable. I missed him so much and just looking at his photos made me want to hug him.

He was only four when we left and I am so glad he still hasn’t forgotten about us especially my son. As per my sister, he always asks about my son and wants to see him. Aww, isn’t he sweet?

Happy Birthday, Nikko! I hope to send you a gift soon. Umm, on second thought, maybe you will just have to wait until we get there. Heehee.

May 5

The last time I saw my Godmother was in spring of 2012. It was that time that one of her grandsons (my friend’s youngest son) was baptized. We traveled for more or less 8 hours to attend the Christening in Baltimore, Maryland where my friend and her family and also her were currently residing.

It was the first time that I saw her totally different. She was so thin and she looked like she is really sick. And she was. But I didn’t know how serious it was until she was brought to the hospital a few weeks after that. She was able to recuperate and looked way better in Christmas of that year. I didn’t hear about her again until last year. She went back to our home country, the Philippines and was hospitalized almost regularly. Things were really going bad but still I was hoping for miracles.

And yesterday, I heard the sad news from my niece. She got the news from mom. She passed away. Mom already left my sister’s house when I went online so it was my niece who informed me. I was going to message my friend on Facebook, but she had it deactivated. I was going to call her but thought, it is not the best time to do it because I know she is in a difficult time right now. I texted her instead, but I am hoping to talk to her soon.

May my Godmother’s soul rest in peace.


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