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Oct 28

The hubs and I were just talking about discount furniture for our son’s bedroom last week when something came up. Something more important which means our son’s bedroom furniture has to take a back seat, for now.

What is that important thing you might ask? The refrigerator! Yes, it finally died on us. We already checked Lowe’s over the weekend and we are going to check Home Depot later today after our son’s soccer game. We always compare prices when we go shopping for appliances and of course, whichever is cheaper is what we always end up with. Well, the brand has to be known and tested too. We don’t just jump to an unknown brand just because it’s cheap and end up regretting later on because it’s dead in a few months. Nope!

I hope we find us a good one that will suit our budget. Here’s hoping!

Oct 23

Such is life…

I read an article last night on Yahoo about what the middle class can’t afford nowadays and without a doubt, it was so right. But…despite not having or not being able to do those things which for me is not a necessity (or something we could live without), I am still thankful that we still have food on the table and we eat three times a day. Not all are blessed to have it. That being said, I am thankful and more than grateful for what we have.

Thankful for the food, for the shelter and for the good health. I feel sorry for a friend whose sister was diagnosed with tumor and needed surgery asap. We know how it goes when it comes to having surgery…money, money, money. She’s devastated because that’s the problem, her money is not enough to help her sister. As much as I want to help her, I couldn’t because just like her, I am a stay at home mom and living on one income.

This is one of those times that I realize how blessed I am. We are not rich but for as long as we have food on the table, shelter to keep us warm at night, clothes to wear,  and good health, then life for me is good and beautiful.

There is always something to be thankful for, is it not? I hope you also find something to be thankful for not just today but everyday.

Oct 16

With the use of wires and cables (not the asterope cables), hubby finally figured out how to attach his four speakers (yes, four) to our HDTV. Can you say, surrounded?! Try to imagine how loud it is when we are watching TV. It seems like we are in a movie theater, you know?

Oh, and he also has them attached to the stereo so when we play music, it feels like there is a live concert inside the house. Don’t worry, we don’t play it in full blast. We don’t want our neighbors to come knocking at our door and go ballistic on us, okay?

But really, I commend my hubby on that because the sound is really a lot better now compared to the time when the speakers were not attached. Well, with four speakers, the sound surely is awesome! Good job, hubs!

Oct 8

My tummy, that is. It’s nearly 10:00 o’clock in the morning and I haven’t fed it yet. The reason? My rice is still cooking. I thought I still have leftover rice only to find out that there was nothing. The rice takes an hour to cook in the rice cooker so I still have more or less 20 minutes before I can eat since I started cooking it at 9:00 o’clock.

Poor tummy! I did have coffee but I didn’t have it with bread which I usually do everyday. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like eating bread this morning.

And oh, I have to cook my viand too. I was so wound up thinking about my rice thatI didn’t even think of what I’ll pair it with. So time to go and prepare it.

Sep 5

After coming across,Guitar-Strings-Strings.gc, I remember that hubby got a new set of guitar strings from his brother last Christmas. But since then, I’ve never seen him change his guitar’s strings meaning, the new set is still intact in its package and it is just laying around here somewhere in the house.

Hubby has not played the guitar that much lately compared to his younger days. That’s probably why he hasn’t changed them yet. He probably thinks there’s no need to change the strings yet. Or maybe he has totally forgotten about the strings. You know us, sometimes when we’re caught up in a lot of things, we forget other things, most especially if it’s not on the priority list.

I will remind him later about it. Maybe all he needs is a reminder to get it done.

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